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The Demeter USA certified Biodynamic program represents a new era for sustainable agriculture. Unwavering standards ensure conscious, holistic stewardship of the plantation, wholesome produce, and certified products that are minimally processed.

Demeter USA, a non-profit, is the US representative to Demeter International, the oldest ecological certification organization in the world. Demeter USA is the only certifier of Biodynamic farms and products in the USA. Demeter’s vision is to heal the planet through agriculture.

Biodynamic agriculture was first described in the 1920’s as a response to the industrialization of farming. It suggested that instead of thinking of our farms as factories, we should think of them as living organisms: self contained, self-sustaining, following the cycles of nature. The term “organic” was coined over ten years later from this original idea of the farm as organism.

Demeter USA holds the term BIODYNAMIC as a certification mark (a type of trademark). Only farms and agricultural products in the marketplace that are certified by Demeter may use the term in their description. Demeter holds this certification mark to protect the standards that define their use, the members who meet these standards, and consumers who have a right to know how their food is grown and processed. 



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