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Deep Valley Coffee: The unique Biodynamic taste of Camocim Estate, Espirito Santo, Brazil

CAMOCIM ESTATE DEEP VALLEY is a coffee like no other... 

Camocim Estate is a specialty coffee drinkers dream, not only because of the natural farming methods, but because of the way they harvest and process the coffee. Trained pickers gather only the ripest of cherries between the months of May and September. 

At times, this means one employee may harvest cherries from a single tree up to four times during a single harvest. Once picked, Henrique, allows the coffee to rest before he does any sorting. He believes this helps the coffee come into an equilibrium of sorts. Once rested, the coffee is pulped and then dried on a suspended terrace. After that, the cherries are sorted for irregularities and then screened for the appropriate sizes. 

Above left: Sloper de Araújo with a couple of his team. Above right: Sloper de Araújo standing proudly in front of a portrait of his grandfather, who used to run the family estate at Camocim.

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